Oral health and aging


These days It’s not uncommon for teeth to last a lifetime, with good care and regular dental visits. Once into the senior years however, even when brushing and flossing regularly, certain issues can have a big impact on oral health.

Problems that affect oral health can increase or worsen as we age. Most people recognize that regular medical and dental check-ups are important, but many don’t realize that the health of our mouth is important for oral health as well as overall health. Just like an infected cut on your finger can introduce bacteria into the blood stream, infection from gum disease can also spread.

Health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, can all impact oral health. It’s important to make your dentist aware of any health issues you’re facing, in order to address them carefully and appropriately.

Some of the most common medicines and treatments that are essential for older adults also cause dry mouth, which can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss.  Dentists can recommend a variety of procedures to restore the moisture in your mouth, along with treatments or medications that can help prevent the problems associated with dry mouth.

If you notice your gums bleeding during brushing and flossing, it’s a sign of infection and a good indication that your oral hygiene isn’t the best. Gum disease is a potentially serious condition that can affect people of all ages, but especially people over 40. The early stages of gum disease are reversible, so catching it early makes a big difference.  Be aware that periodontal disease, as well as regular use of some medications, can also be linked to additional health problems .

Dental exams can also help uncover some medical conditions, thanks to diagnostic tools like X-rays and a methodical screening process. They can also reveal systemic problems like a blood disorder. According to the American Cancer Society, 62 is the average age for most people diagnosed with mouth, throat and tongue cancer.

Another common challenge for aging adults – one in five people aged 60 and older has lost all of their teeth, which can affect nutrition because people without teeth choose soft, easily chewed foods. Dentures are not as good at chewing food as natural teeth, so denture wearers also sometimes choose soft foods and avoid fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not only does practicing good oral health habits help keep your natural teeth longer, it is one of the smartest things you can do for your body. Regular dental visits help keep your teeth healthy and provide information to your dentist about your overall health.

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