About Us

We are a Colorado Company

Partnering with Independent Hometown Dentists.

Why Choose a Dental Discount Plan over Dental Insurance?

American Dental Group is a discount membership plan designed to provide access to professional, quality dental care as an alternative to insurance. American Dental Group has no waiting periods, no complicated reimbursement procedures or forms to submit, is deductible free, and gives members more control of their dental care. Along with affordable care from professional, skilled general dentists and specialists, members receive discounts on vision materials and prescription costs. See How It Works.

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Think of us as a buyer’s club for discounts on:

  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care Products &
  • Prescription Medications

American Dental Group Membership delivers:

Dental Plan vs Dental Insurance


American Dental Group was founded, and exists today, to provide our members access to professional, affordable Dental, Vision, and Prescription resources.

We have negotiated predetermined rates with our preferred providers up and down the Front Range, to deliver cost effective and more affordable benefits than the alternatives that exist on the market today.

Satisfaction Guarantee

American Dental Group LLC is a BBB Accredited Dental Service Plan in Colorado Springs, CO

What kind of savings can I expect as a member of American Dental Group?

Dental Plan Savings

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Our Team

[us_person image=”5731″ name=”Christopher Sisco” role=”CEO” link=”|||” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” google_plus=”#” linkedin=”#”]President and CEO of American Dental Group. [/us_person]
[us_person image=”5731″ name=”Tiffany Sisco ” role=”VP of Operations ” link=”|||” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/” twitter=”https://twitter.com/” linkedin=”http://www.linkedin.com/”][/us_person]

What Our Members Say

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