Is Dental Insurance worth it?


It’s not uncommon these days for folks to wait years between dentist appointments. Life has a knack for speeding by and it’s easy to lose track of things that don’t demand immediate attention. However, once you finally get scheduled for a checkup and cleaning, it turns out you need a couple fillings and a crown.

Talking with the dental team, they let you know your dental insurance doesn’t cover as much of your care as you thought. In fact, when all is said and done, you’re left paying for the bulk of it out of pocket.

Dental insurance is costly and restrictive. Monthly premiums, (averaging around $30/month), coAll Postsver preventive services (checkups and cleanings) and sometimes a bit more. If you need a filling or two, there’s a good chance you won’t go over your maximum allowable benefits for the year. The maximum allowable benefit is the annual amount that your insurance will pay up to, but not over, usually about $1,200. You may also have a deductible to meet before your insurance pitches in towards any dental treatment.  See the example below:

Premium (12 mos x $30)     $360.00
Exam         $0.00
X-rays     $124.00
Cleaning         $0.00
Root Canal     $897.00
2 Porcelain Crowns   $2226.00
Insurance Payment (ann. max.)  -$1200.00
Your out-of-pocket cost  $2407.00

Basic or minor treatments like small fillings are typically partially covered by insurance (usually around 75-80%), after you’ve paid your deductible and any co-pays. However, if you have too many basic treatments you are in danger of going over your maximum allowable benefit amount before everything is done.

Furthermore, elective services such as dental veneers, teeth whitening, or treatments considered “cosmetic” are not covered by insurance plans like Delta Dental, AARP, Medicare, or even the best dental insurance.

American Dental Group provides a comprehensive list of services including affordable orthodontics (braces), affordable dentures, Invisalign, and many more.

Forbes, AARP, and MarketWatch all agree that dental discount plans are a smarter alternative. American Dental Group provides pre-negotiated discounts to every treatment, regardless of how much or how expensive it is.  Whether it’s a necessary procedure or elective (like cosmetic treatments, it’s covered and there is no maximum allowable benefit and no waiting periods or exclusions.  Thousands of members have discovered that our discount dental plan is more effective than traditional types of insurance.

Keep in mind, whether you have the best dental insurance or the best dental plan, prevention is the most reliable way to avoid costly dental treatments; brush and floss twice per day, and see your dentist twice per year, and use American Dental Group’s dental plan to save money.


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