How It Works

How Our Dental Discount Plans Work

1 – Select Your Plan

How it works - select your plan

American Dental Group offers individual plans for a low monthly payment of $9.95.  Family plans are $16.95/month, and we provide reduced rates for Seniors and Groups.

Choose the plan that fits your needs and start saving today!

Click Here to get started or call us toll free at 800-633-3010

2 – Select Your Dentist

How it works - select your dentist

American Dental Group is a Colorado company partnering with independent, hometown dentists and specialists up and down the Front Range ready to provide your family with top-notch dental care at discounted rates. All of our dentists are required to meet our credentialing standards to be eligible to participate in our network.

Find your dentist here.

3 – Make Appointment

How it works - Make an Appointment

Call your selected dentist and schedule your visit.  Let them know you’re an American Dental Group member and start saving immediately.  There is NO waiting period with your ADG plan!

4 – Save On Services

Pay the pre-negotiated discounted rate directly to your dentist.  American Dental Group is not dental insurance so you only pay for the services you receive and there’s no paperwork hassles for you or your dentist.  You will save everytime you use our covered services.  There is no cap on benefits with your ADG plan!

Frequently Asked Questions About ADG Dental Care Plans

You can schedule your first appointment as soon as you complete the application and we receive payment.

No waiting period – Go to the dentist as soon as we receive payment!
No annual limit
No pre-existing conditions excluded
No procedures excluded (other than those we’ve already mentioned).

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