American Dental Group

[us_iconbox icon=”fa-user” style=”outlined” title=”Individual Membership” link=”|||” type=”icon_top” with_circle=”yes”]Covers individuals aged 18-64
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[us_iconbox icon=”fa-child” style=”outlined” title=”Family Membership” link=”|||” type=”icon_top” with_circle=”yes”]Covers each member of one household[/us_iconbox]
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[us_iconbox icon=”fa-address-book ” style=”outlined” title=”Senior Membership” link=”|||” type=”icon_top” with_circle=”yes”]Covers members aged 65+[/us_iconbox]
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[us_iconbox icon=”fa-group” style=”outlined” title=”Group Coverage ” link=”|||” type=”icon_top” with_circle=”yes”]Businesses enrolling 3 or more memberships qualify for group fees[/us_iconbox]
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American Dental Group

Your Smile. Your Plan. Your Savings.

We Provide Discounts on:
Dental, Vision, & Prescription Drugs

American Dental Group is a dental discount plan designed to provide our members access to professional, quality health care as an alternative to insurance. We are a Colorado company partnering with independent hometown Dentists. American Dental Group has no waiting periods, no complicated reimbursement procedures or forms to complete, is deductible free, and gives members more control of their dental care! Along with access to professional, skilled specialists and general dentists, American Dental Group provides discounts on vision and prescription supplies in one simple plan. See how it works here.

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Dental Discount Plan Quotes from the Market

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American Dental Group LLC is a BBB Accredited Dental Service Plan in Colorado Springs, CO
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