Preferred Vision Care

Preferred Vision Care


Are you a member of American Dental Group?

Let’s talk about some membership benefits you may be unaware of! Did you know that as an American Dental Group member you can also have a membership with Preferred Vision Care (PVC) at no additional cost? This is a nationwide network of licensed ophthalmic professionals where you can receive quality eyecare and eyewear products at a fraction of the retail price!


How the Preferred Vision Care Program Works:

  • There is no additional Enrollment Fee for these services if you enroll at the same time as your Dental Plan.
  • Please allow two to four weeks to receive your Preferred Vision ID card and additional program description details.
  • You can select the Preferred Provider of your choice. A list of local providers will be issued with your Preferred Vision member card. You can also view a list on the web site  www.preferredvisioncare.com 
  • Take your ID card and eyewear prescription to the provider you select. This card provides savings for all dependents within your household.
  • Choose from eyewear products with absolutely no restrictions of frames, color, size, style tint or lenses. You may purchase as often as you need or want glasses.
  • Pay specially reduced prices for eyewear at the time of purchase.  No claim forms or time-delayed reimbursements.
  • For more questions, please call 1-800-635-7874 x 406  OR  408.


Q. What Preferred Providers can I choose from?
A. There are over 10,000 Preferred Providers nationwide including J.C. Penney, Sears, Vista Optical, Pearle Vision, Target, Wal-Mart Vision Center, Doctor’s Visionworks, and many private practice vision centers. You can find specific listings in your member packet or on the website www.preferredvisioncare.com 

Q. What Forms Do I Fill Out? Whom Do I Pay?
A. There are no forms for either you or the provider to fill out. Merely pay your provider the special member cost of your glasses/contact lenses at the point of service. Your savings are realized immediately!


Example of Cost Savings:

            Single Vision                 Typical Retail             PVC Member

            Metal Frame                   $           125.50              $          49.95
            Plastic Lenses                $             55.00              $           14.00
            Scratch Resistant Coating $     18.00             $             9.00
            Dispensing Fee              $                0.00             $           35.00
            TOTAL                               $            198.50            $         107.95

  • Total Savings $90.55 or 46 %


            Bifocal                              Typical Retail            PVC Member

            Plastic Frame                  $         107.50             $             42.95
            Glass Lenses                    $           74.00             $             28.00
            Photography Tint          $           30.00            $             14.95
            Dispensing Fee               $              0.00            $             40.00
            TOTAL                                $          211.50             $            125.90

  • Total Savings $85.60 or 40 %

If you have any questions about becoming a member send us an email at adg@americandentalgroup.org 

I hope you take advantage of these amazing cost-saving benefits!

Chris Sisco,
President, American Dental Group

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