Oral piercing’s impact oral health


Body piercing has increasingly become a popular form of self-expression. Many folks enjoy the look and styles of oral piercings, but they can actually be dangerous to your health.

Everyone’s mouth contains millions of bacteria, and infection and swelling can often occur with mouth piercings. In fact, your mouth and tongue could swell enough that your airway could become closed off or possibly choke you if the jewelry breaks off in your mouth. Some piercings could crack a tooth and repeated clicking of the jewelry against teeth can also cause damage.

Oral piercings include any type of piercing that’s in or around the oral cavity, including tongue rings, lip rings, and even cheek or upper lip piercings and any type of oral piercing has the potential to affect your smile.

Oral Piercings Can Chip Teeth

Many oral piercings are made out of metal which creates the potential to chip teeth. Because it’s in the center of the mouth and is attached to your tongue, which is moving during eating and speaking, a tongue piercing is the most likely to chip teeth. The jewelry is likely to knock against your teeth chipping or fracturing them and it will require professional attention to fix.

Tongue rings also have the capacity to damage existing fillings because they can cause fillings to age faster and even come out prematurely.

Potential to Cause Gum Recession

It’s not just teeth that are at risk from oral piercings, gum tissue can be damaged as well. Lip rings and lip studs can rub against the gumline, causing gum recession that can lead to exposure of tooth roots and sensitive teeth.

Some Oral Piercings Can Lead to Sensitive Teeth

Along with the potential to cause gum recession, oral piercings can lead to sensitive teeth. Gum tissue helps cover and protect the tooth’s roots, which contain nerves that can be very sensitive when exposed. Exposed tooth roots can lead to painful tooth sensitivity.

Tongue and lip rings can also wear away tooth enamel over time, which plays an essential role in protecting our teeth from bacteria and the temperature of hot or cold foods. Without the enamel, teeth are more sensitive and subject to as well as discoloration and decay.

In the end, oral piercings are a personal choice and a form of expression for many people. Just like with any body modification, the risks should be recognized and carefully considered before any procedure that will have lasting effects on your health.

If you have oral piercings or would like to get them, it’s smart to visit your dentist on a regular basis to keep any eye out for any damage to be sure your piercings aren’t causing irreversible damage to your teeth and gums.

Your oral health is essential to living a healthy and quality life style. Whether you’re ready for a routine check-up and cleaning, implants, braces, or other procedures, American Dental Group and our outstanding network of quality, independent home-town providers can help you save money creating and maintaining a healthy, bright smile.

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