4 ways you amplify the plaque in your mouth


Plaque is constantly forming in our mouths. A result of oral bacteria which feeds on what we eat, plaque is mostly invisible, but feels like something fuzzy covering your teeth.

Because it begins to harden in just a matter of hours, an essential part of oral health is removing plaque daily. But certain foods and habits amplify the amount of plaque buildup in your mouth, so prevention is the best medicine to ensure a healthy, bright smile.

How are you increasing plaque build up?

  1. Not Flossing

While brushing is an excellent way to remove plaque, it only reaches certain spots. The spaces between the teeth are often neglected and more susceptible to plaque build up. Failing to floss enables that plaque build up to cause enamel erosion, bad breath, and tooth decay. Flossing just once per day can provide outstanding benefits, but twice per day is best.

  1. Eating Too Much Sugar

Oral bacteria thrives on sugar, resulting in even more plaque, so frequently consuming sugar throughout the day increases the risk of plaque buildup. Simple sugars like white bread, cakes, and candies in moderation is fine, but its even better to consume them along with drinking plenty of water.

  1. Not Drinking Water

Obviously water is essential to whole body health, but it’s also important for your smile. Water acts as a buffer between the harsh acids of foods and the tooth enamel. Drinking water helps balance bacteria, replenishes saliva, and enhances hydration.

  1. Not Brushing Before Bed

To keep plaque from having time to build up, brushing your teeth twice a day is fundamental. Missing the necessary step of brushing before calling it a night, plaque that had time to build up during the day will truly wreak havoc on your mouth while you’re asleep.

  1. Skipping Regular Dental Checkups

Even when you’re faithfully brushing and flossing, plaque can be sneaky and build up, but visiting your dentist regularly for thorough cleanings, at least once a year, helps to avoid the consequences of that unchecked buildup.

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