Our Family Dental Plan is Amazing!

Here’s What Your Family Gets for Just $16.95 per month.

 SAVE 40% – 60% on all standard dental procedures.  Under the ADG Family plan for one low price of $16.95 per month, your whole family saves 40% – 60% on all standard dental services with one of our top-rated dentists.  All your cleanings, exams, x-rays, fillings, root-canals, etc.  are done at the discounted rate.

SAVE ON SPECIALTY DENTISTRY – Your whole family also saves 20% – 40% on oral or cosmetic procedures done by one of our network specialty dentists.

NO WAITING PERIOD – You can sign up today using our simple application process or by calling us and see the dentist this afternoon or tomorrow.  Big insurance companies make you wait weeks and months for many services.  There is no waiting period with ADG.   Sign Up 

NO CAPS ON BENEFITS – Most big dental insurance companies have caps or maximum amounts covered each year.  That really limits the amount of dental work that you can afford each year.  With ADG there is no cap for any family member for any service each year.  That’s a huge financial benefit to many families.

PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN –  Your ADG Family Plan includes prescription drug discounts that may be better than what you currently have.  Save up to 75% at over 54,000 Pharmacies nationwide.  This is a big additional bonus savings for many families.  There is no extra charge for ADG prescription discounts.  They are included in your ADG Family Plan.  Learn More About Our Prescription Drug Benefits

PREFERRED VISION CARE –  Your ADG Family Plan also includes excellent discounts at over 10,000 vision care providers nationwide. There is no extra charge for our Preferred Vision Care plan.  It’s included in your ADG Family Plan.  Learn More About Our Vision Care Benefits



Our Family Dental Discount Plan covers each member of one household, no age restrictions. Save money on routine dental care, emergency services, and cosmetic procedures, too! You’ll appreciate discounts on many procedures that are not covered by traditional dental insurance.  Sign Up 

QUESTIONS?   Call to find out more: (800) 633-3010.